7-Die Polyhedral Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons


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  • Comes with7 pieces in one set:1 x d4 dice, 1 x d6 dice, 1 x d8 dice, 2 x d10 (0-9 and 00-90) dices, 1 x d12 dice, 1 x d20 dice
  • Made of acrylic material that are weighted perfectly and not easy to damage. Be polished well so it can roll pretty well
  • These dnd dice sets have golden large numbers and features marked 6 and 9 for easy reading.
  • Come with a black velvet pouch for you to store the game dices, keep them in place to avoid missing each one
  • In handy for a whole bunch of games such as Dungeons and Dragons or any of the other RPGs that require different sided dice


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