How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck


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In this timeless bestseller, you’ll get the motivation and know-how for building up a big stash of emergency cash, getting out of debt, making sure you never run out of money, and avoiding the 11 worst budget traps (that’ll ruin your financial plans if you let them!)

Find out the most important things that you can do to take control of your money and pay off debt. Get the budget how-to, tools, and knowledge you need to finally get ahead. You’ll learn a complete budget system that works for beginners and takes only 15 minutes per week to maintain.

This is a straightforward budget planning method that will completely transform your finances, and eliminate your money worries once and for all.

You will also be given free lifetime access to the (digital) Money Tracker, a simple tool that makes budget planning quick and easy.

What’s new in the second edition:

A brand new chapter has been added on the topic of money and happiness which is key to getting past money blocks that could be contributing to your paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, plus a few minor adjustments were made to the original manuscript.This is one of the budgeting books you NEED in your library. Buy NOW, learn how to make a budget that actually works, and transform your financial life forever!


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